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Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Serving Suffolk County, MA

Award winning DJ Joe Pet and A Beat Away Entertainment specializes in Wedding Ceremony's, Cocktail Hour's and Reception Entertainment. With 25 years of success in the entertainment business and thousands of weddings behind us, we have the right combination of talent and technology to help make your dreams come true.

  • Do you, as the company president, perform at events and what differentiates you from the other DJ's?"
    Yes, absolutely, I perform at as many events as I possibly can. I've been in the entertainment business for most of my life and to me it's not just a job it's what I love to do. During the week, I operate Audioworks, my professional recording studio. I'm a singer, songwriter, producer & audio engineer as well as a DJ. I am most comfortable when I am performing. As an area DJ, I regularly provide music for several singles dances and that requires me to have an extensive knowledge of music; including the greatest hits of the past and present. This, coupled with my sound quality expertise, I believe, qualifies A Beat Away Entertainment as New England's most complete and professional DJ Company available today.
  • What makes A Beat Away Entertainment different from other DJ companies?
    What makes us different is our ability to adapt to a changing market and remain on top of the DJ entertainment industry. Over the past 15 years, A Beat Away Entertainment's advertising/marketing team has researched and analyzed other successful DJ companies in order to continually raise the standard of the entertainment we provide. We eagerly learn from our competition's successes, as well as their mistakes. We know what works and what doesn't. A Beat Away Entertainment pledges to continue its pursuit of being an industry leader and we hope we can provide you, your Family, and friends with the most professional and exciting DJ entertainment yet!
  • What kind of equipment do you use and does your company prepare for "technical difficulties"?"
    I currently use a Bose sound system and I often combine that with my JBL equipment for outdoor and arena style events which requires a bigger sound. I also use a HP digital laptop system with over 50,000 songs to choose from and I always carry additional CD decks as well as a back up CD collection and my Apple iPod.
  • How long has A Beat Away Entertainment been business and what do you require of your DJ's?
    A Beat Away Entertainment has been satisfying thousands of customers since 1990. Our DJ's have performed at hundreds of events and serves the entire Boston Metropolitan area. Each new DJ must complete an extensive apprenticeship and never performs solo until they're ready. Our training program and selection process is stringent and only the finest DJ's become part of our team. We demand they be polite, punctual, and always up on all the current trends in music and audio equipment. The #1 reason A Beat Away Entertainment has been so successful is because of our professional DJ's.
  • Do you provide testimonials from previous clients?
    Absolutely, having been in the business for over 15 years, we have established a great rapport with our clients and they are always happy to provide us with their recommendations. We work with the finest function facilities in New England and they, too, can provide references to our professionalism. Please see our "Testimonials" page. We've listed some of these facilities along with their web sites, names and numbers, for you to call directly.
  • What time do you arrive for set up?
    Depending on the size and location of your event, we normally set up 1 to 2 hours before start time. There are lots to do when preparing for a show. Our job begins the second we arrive at the facility and includes equipment set up, sound check, trouble shooting, organizing the music, conferring with whom we will be working with and of course preparing to entertain you and your guests!
  • How much does a professional DJ cost?
    Pricing is determined by the size and type of event, location, and event hours. When discussing your affair in detail, we can answer your questions more accurately and determine cost. A Beat Away Entertainment is very affordable and competitive and we will always do our best to work within your budget.
  • What if I have specific song requests?
    If you have a music request - we're on it! With over 50,000 songs and growing, you are sure to hear your special request the day of your affair. Visit our "Music Library" page and get hands on with the most powerful, easy to use, music database any DJ Company has to offer. Simply locate your songs, click and submit! Requests are highly encouraged - Just ask! Whether it's a special announcement, a special dance or anything in-between, A Beat Away Entertainment aims to please!
  • How helpful is the customer service?
    The first thing you will notice is our attention to detail. Remember unlike most companies we do not run a cookie cutter Operation. Each and every client has different wants and needs. A Beat Away Entertainment understands this and is here to assist you in every possible way. Call or email our customer service at anytime for an immediate response. Let us help make Your day truly exciting and unique!
  • How do you coordinate with others; such as my caterer, my photographer, the videographer and others?"
    At your affair there will be many different businesses working simultaneously. We take on the responsibility of being the leader By coordinating all of these professionals. We do so only because if we don't, no one else will. Again, we you're your affair to be Successful in every sense of the word. Using our infamous coordination system your affair will go off without a hitch. All you have to do is have a great time!

Wedding DJ

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